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15 Jul 2006, 5:11 PM

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Design International echoes (II)

James Victore, David Womack aginst SDPR's design law

After Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister, we hear now from James Victore, via the same Ovidiu Hrin:

I thought these kinds of politicians died with Stalin. Please let me know what I can do to help. Cheers, James.

Ah, and James has a special reason raise an eyebrow to the discrimination imposed by SDPR’s law: he's a self-taught designer.

David Womack signed the petition also. David was director of new media at AIGA from 2000-2004 and served as executive editor of GAIN: AIGA Journal of Business and Design, and managing editor of Voice: AIGA Journal of Design. His involvement with AIGA, the leading professional association for design in America, qualified him as a very acknowledged referee concerning issues regarding the role a professional association must have in the field of design.

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8 Jul 2006, 6:17 PM

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Design International echoes (I)

After Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister against SDPR's law

Another piece of good news: Stefan Sagmeister found out about the situation in Romania via Ovidiu Hrin and firmly reacted from Singapore (where is he is at the moment) by signing the petition with the following message:

Every country in this world that is serious about its own well being would reject a law like this.

Previously we had a message of support from Milton Glaser.

These international echoes are stepping stones towards further and wider international protests within the international design community as we're working to inform the greatest designers of our time about what's going on in Romania.

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7 Jul 2006, 5:28 PM

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Design Beautiful things happen

A message from Milton Glaser against SDPR's law

Somebody signed the petition against that crazy 'design law' of SDPR's as Milton Glaser, adding the comment "Design shouldn't be obtusely constrained and create precedents for big brother aSSociations..." Good wordsmith, I do acknowledge that, but was it for real?

Somehow ashamed of this trivial matter and without much hope for a reply, I checked via email with Mr. Milton Glaser's office to see whether this is a legit signature or a mere fraud using internet's anonymity, telling him along the lines the whole story about the situation we find ourselves in, about the fight we're fighting.

A week later (tonight), when all hope for a reply almost vanished — bing! — email's icon leaped in the dock:

Dear Cristian,

I did not submit the quote attributed to me on your petition. You may replace it with the following:

All bureaucracies are conspiracies against the public.

Milton Glaser

I deleted the forged entry already and tomorrow and I'll figure out if (even though I have his approval, is it morally acceptable? I guess it is) and in what form to append to the list the real one with the real quote. So — if you asked yourself — the answer is yes, many signatures on the list are verified to see if they're legit or fake. But this is not the point now, tonight. The point is, I guess, that living legends of design are... well, different. Wise, warm and benevolent. Meeting them, even virtually, is beautiful.

I'm happy: Milton Glaser's nod of approval means that we're really doing the right thing.

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5 Jul 2006, 6:47 PM

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Design Protest coverage

Reactions against SDPR's design law

Newspapers and magazines

The protest against SDPR's design law builds up and gathers steam. Newspaper and magazine coverage is only at the beginning and there is more to come:

· O organizatie profesionala cu numai 27 de membri incearca sa-si impuna propriile reguli by Maria Gatea, Adevarul de Cluj, June 23 [newspaper clipping, in Romanian]
· Ghildus pune tepe designerilor by Cosmin Popan, Cotidianul, July 3 [in Romanian]
· Farade/lege pentru creativitate by Mimi Noel, BusinessWeek Romania, Nr. 10/July 11 [magazine clipping, in Romanian]
· Ideile vand, daca circula liber! by Adrian Gongea, Arhitectura, Nr. 44/May 2006 [magazine clipping, in Romanian]
· Contra legiferarii designului by Iulian Toma, AdPlayers.ro, June 13 [in Romanian]
· NU Societatii Designerilor Profesionisti by Dan Popescu, 24FUN, Nr. 169/July 21-27 [in Romanian]
· Alba-neagra cu legea designerilor by Loreta Budin, Saptamana Financiara, Nr. 70/July 24 [in Romanian]
· Se pare ca si somnul creativitatii naste monstri by Aneta Bogdan, Campaign Romania, July 2006 [magazine clipping, in Romanian]
· Contra proiectului legislativ 'toxic' privind designul by Iulian Toma, AdPlayers.ro, July 28 [in Romanian]


· Design and the State – A law in Romania requiring designers to be registered could push its best practitioners underground, by David Womack, Metropolis Magazine USA, Nov 8. [in English]

Blogs, corporate websites

The blogosphere rose up against SDPR's law with a remarkably solid response — here are the articles and the timeline:

· Kit.blog, A communist design law in the making, June 23 [in English]
· Grafic, Actele la control! Jun 24 [in Romanian]
· Speak Up, Quipsologies Vol. 65, June 26 [in English]
· Feeder, Lege privind organizarea si exercitarea profesiei de designer, June 26 [in Romanian]
· Isotopic.blog, Societatea Designerilor Profesionisti din Romania, June 26 [in Romanian]
· Identity Blog, Legea Designozaurilor June 27 [in Romanian]
· Novo, Petitie privind SDPR, June 27 [in Romanian]
· Isotopic.blog, Vote, June 27 [in Romanian]
· The Story Blog, Regulate This, June 28 [in English]
· Kit.blog, Sign the on-line petition against the Design Law, June 28 [in English]
· The Burden Of Proof, Don't Regulate Design! — site offline, see the post in Google's cache, June 28 [in English]
· Kindablog, Liga amatorilor de design saluta grupul profesionistilor frustrati, Jun 29 [in Romanian]
· Blogul blogurilor din Iasi, Jun 29 [in Romanian]
· PubLog, Sign the on-line petition against the Design Law, June 29 [in English]
· Ideile vand, daca circula liber, Jun 30 [dedicated blog, in Romanian]
· Aglomerari Spontane, Ghildus presedinte!, June 30 [in Romanian]
· Creatie si infractiune, July 2 [dedicated blog, in Romanian]
· Kit.blog, Over 500 signatures, July 2 [in English]
· Fast Book, Is this a law against talent?, July 4 [in English]
· Kit.blog, Protest coverage, July 5 [in English]
· Brandly Yours, Designers' Guild, July 6 [in English]
· Kiddo, De ce sa facem simplu…, July 6 [in Romanian]
· Kit.blog, Beautiful things happen, July 7 [in English]
· Manafu: Atentat la designeri!, July 7 [in Romanian]
· Elucubraţii, Acţiuni civice, July 7 [in Romanian]
· Chris, Legea designului,... nu mai am cuvinte, July 7 [in Romanian]
· Raduionescu.ro, Din ciclul - 'ce legea mea', July 7 [in Romanian]
· Jobsessive, "To be or not to be… designer?!"http://www.jobsessive.com/?p=258, July 7 [in Romanian]
· Andrei Maxim, Talent, creion, hartie si drept de semnatura, July 8 [in Romanian]
· Blacknight's Cyberhome, Romania... tara tuturor posibilitatilor, July 8 [in Romanian]
· Kit.blog, International echoes, July 8 [in English]
· ProtestCoverage, July 9 [dedicated blog, in English]
· Designro, Designer de designer, July 10 [in Romanian]
· Kit.blog, International echoes, July 15 [in English]
· Transmissions, Design a new design industry, July 15 [in English]
· A nazi design law?!, July 27 [dedicated blog, in English]
· Elenalog, Petitia de luni, August 7 [in Romanian]
· DanUrsache.net, Coming very soon: the nationalization of design, August 8 [in English]
· Drept & Internet, Despre Legea designerilor, October 30 [in Romanian]
· Mediabistro.com: UnBeige, When 'Designer' Becomes a Four Letter Word, November 8 [in English]
· Publicitate de Iasi, SDPR e?, December 18 [in Romanian]
· Mihaela Berneaga, Despre profesionisti, December 23 [in Romanian]

Corporate websites and corporate blogs that railed against SDPR's law:

· Synopsismedia, Sign petition against 'Design Law' July 2 [in English]
· TreeWorks corporate blog, Pretty please with sugar on top, can I design, Comrade?, July 5 [in Romanian]
· TreeWorks corporate blog, Cine mai trebuie sa semneze ca sa intelegeti?, July 20 [in Romanian] and Whose signature is necessary so that one can understand?, July 21 [in English]


The topic actually broke out on the forums:

· Discutii despre proiectul de lege privind organizarea şi exercitarea profesiei de designer!, Proiect de lege, privind organizarea şi exercitarea profesiei de designer, June 13 [in Romanian]
· VisualArt, Dormi linistit SDPR lucreaza pt tine, June 15 [in Romanian]
· Design Kulture, Intalnire la BR RC!, June 21 [in Romanian]
· Softpedia, Proiect de lege, privind organizarea şi exercitarea profesiei de designer, June 28 [in Romanian]
· Liberalism, Monopolizarea si politizarea designului, June 28 [in Romanian]
· Webdesignbox, La Arme, June 29 [in Romanian]
· Comunitatea motociclistilor din Romania, Legea Designului;, July 5 [in Romanian]
· Baseboard.net, Romanian design needs a helping hand, July 8 [in English]
· BAU, Comunismul continua, July 9 [in Romanian]

I'll keep this log updated. If you have knowledge of coverage on the topic please let me know. I'll also append to the list the subsequent articles (hopefully) in newspapers and magazines.

I'll end this post by urging you to write on the subject, spread the word and sign the petition if you haven't signed it yet, and show your support for Romanian design community (regardless of your profession).