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7 Jul 2006, 5:28 PM

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Design Beautiful things happen

A message from Milton Glaser against SDPR's law

Somebody signed the petition against that crazy 'design law' of SDPR's as Milton Glaser, adding the comment "Design shouldn't be obtusely constrained and create precedents for big brother aSSociations..." Good wordsmith, I do acknowledge that, but was it for real?

Somehow ashamed of this trivial matter and without much hope for a reply, I checked via email with Mr. Milton Glaser's office to see whether this is a legit signature or a mere fraud using internet's anonymity, telling him along the lines the whole story about the situation we find ourselves in, about the fight we're fighting.

A week later (tonight), when all hope for a reply almost vanished — bing! — email's icon leaped in the dock:

Dear Cristian,

I did not submit the quote attributed to me on your petition. You may replace it with the following:

All bureaucracies are conspiracies against the public.

Milton Glaser

I deleted the forged entry already and tomorrow and I'll figure out if (even though I have his approval, is it morally acceptable? I guess it is) and in what form to append to the list the real one with the real quote. So — if you asked yourself — the answer is yes, many signatures on the list are verified to see if they're legit or fake. But this is not the point now, tonight. The point is, I guess, that living legends of design are... well, different. Wise, warm and benevolent. Meeting them, even virtually, is beautiful.

I'm happy: Milton Glaser's nod of approval means that we're really doing the right thing.


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