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17 Dec 2006, 6:42 PM


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Personal Kit·blog Beta

Hello world

This is Kit·blog's second coming, now in a new location, on a new platform and a different look (first/old incarnation here).

Please read the colophon for backstage details.

Known issues in version 2.3.12:

  • Tested only in Safari, Camino, Firefox, Mozilla, Omniweb, Opera and Shiira on Macintosh, and even in those there are still issues;
  • Not tested in MSIE (I know, about half my readers use that junk), and I suppose there are tons of horrible quirks there;
  • CSS techniques based on :last-child and :only-child do not render in all browsers (no surprise);
  • A few layout errors in Opera;
  • Search does not work site-wide and has encoding issues (done, I think);
  • RSS does not validate;
  • RSS appends a weird "]]>" at the end of some posts;
  • Comments are down until I make the obfuscator work (done);
  • Notes blog has no layout/templates yet;
  • Blogroll doesn't display "last updated" information — have no clue what's wrong;
  • Some broken links in the footer, will be taken care of.

Dear reader, this is not yet a public version so please do not write about nor link to it just yet (this web site can go down pretty often for revisions and I do not want to offer to my readers a sub-par experience). Posting (sporadic as it is) will continue on the old blog until this one is ready for prime time.

If notice any annoying bug or have idea how such a bug could be straighten out I would appreciate if you'd leave a comment or shoot an e-mail.


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18 Dec 2006, 3:23 AM


Comments back on (it was a strange error caused by the fact that I redirected all traffic from the www subdomain towards the bare domain while I forgot the config mentioning a www subdomain for CGIPath and StaticWebPath — that prevented the obfuscator to do its job so the comment posts could not be validated).

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