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12 Jan 2007, 12:32 AM


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Personal Five

"You throw balls at me? I throw balls at you!"

People throw tags at me and — I know! — I'm too slow to play game. There's a book I would like writing about (that's another, old, old tag), but for now I'll try and put together a list of five things.

3 glorious things you might have not known about me

Telepat source code

1. At 18 I was a programmer, writing (among other things) communication protocols for Z80/8080 processors. Telepat, my first application written in C, was an inter-platform (8080 CP/M machines to Z80 ZX Spectrum home computers) communication software. A man needed to program his I/O ports at the lowest level, using assembly, in those times. In spite of the fact that I was drawing on every flat surface in my ecosystem, I had absolutely no plans to pursue a career in design: I could only picture myself as a programmer. In America.

2. I am more and more of a vegetarian. I gave up red meat and I eat a lot of fish instead. I still eat chicken, but slowly-slowly I'll get rid of that, too. And — God! — I was a mean, mean carnivore only a couple of years ago. People change. This things happen as a couple of friends dear to me are de-vegetarianizing in order to pursue the decadent delights of mici and sarmale (heavy, meat-rich Romanian food specialties).

3. I never smoked. My parents were smoking so I regarded it as something terribly uncool as a kid. Funny dynamics these things have — how the intergenerational conflict can sometimes work for the better. Rather rarely, but still...

Plus 2 embarrassing things you might have not known about me

4. I do not play any instrument. Not one. That sucks big time, of course — I wish I could play something: a posh piano, a heroic guitar, a cool trumpet. Hey, even playing a [insert profanity] triangle is far better than nothing. I bet it feels more academic than howling in the shower. No? Maybe not.

5. I hate trains. A gazillion rides in overcrowded trains back when I was a student got me totally fed up. Having no money for better tickets (if any) I was usually traveling standing in the aisle. And yes, it has to do with a touch of agoraphobia that I may have. That and an absolute state of terror inflicted by train toilets — all traces of bowel torment and microbes the size of small chihuahua dogs.

Here, that's all. In fact — I just realized now — the post is completely unneeded. I could simply post a link to the About section.

Despite my initial intentions, illustrated by the sub-headline quote1, I won't throw this tag further: it seems that everybody answered already, anyway. But if you share the same or similar "tragic flaws" (train-haters? triangle players?) hit the comments: I'd love to know that I'm not alone.

1 Is quoted Bob played by Roberto Benigni in Down by Law, a 1986 film by Jim Jarmusch.


Reply no.: 1

12 Jan 2007, 10:48 AM


So you started as a programmer; that's very interesting. I am a software developer too but I am addicted to everything related to design. Maybe a little bit too addicted. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not but I found that this "passion" or interest really helps me in my development work. Perhaps, because a piece of software is a product too, you can enjoy it's elegance and "aesthetics" (and I don't mean only user interface) as for any other product design.

Anyway, I always enjoyed your (and Brandient's) work and I fell...well...proud that one can find such a quality and professionalism here, in Romania.

Reply no.: 2

12 Jan 2007, 11:45 AM


Adi, I'm glad our hard, hard work doesn't pass unnoticed. Thank you.

Regarding your passion for design, try visiting a semester exhibition at the Faculty of Design (of the Art University). I switched from Polytechnics to the Academy of Visual Arts (in Cluj) after spending an enlightening night in the Faculty of Design building watching the students preparing their summer exam exhibition.

Reply no.: 3

12 Jan 2007, 12:36 PM


Kit, your work cannot "pass unnoticed", that's obvious. And, I guess, the most important ingredient for these results are the same as for any other great designers: PASSION. That passion that inspires other, that passion which made you switch from programming to design.

Thanks a lot for you advice! Probably is too late for me to swhitch to a design career (I'm not at twenties anymore) but I'll try to satisfy my passion by looking at every aspect of software development through a "designer" eye (apart from my little design projects - including my wedding stationeries :) ). And some nicely designed software can produce the same "addiction" and "feeling" as any other great designed industrial product.

Reply no.: 4

12 Jan 2007, 1:31 PM


Do you swim? Forget about older tags… stupid games anyway.

Reply no.: 5

12 Jan 2007, 6:01 PM


"I hate trains"- me too, me too. Romanian trains look and smell like cockroaches!

Reply no.: 6

13 Jan 2007, 3:42 AM


I also hate trains. Lately, I've extended my repugnance to the trams, buses and subways that I have to switch daily. I've even learned how to "surf" in the tram, how to hold my breath when someone sneezes/ coughes near me, and many other tricks that minimize the exposure to germs.

Playing instruments? I had some experiences with a tambourine when I was 4 or 5, but I had to stop quickly under my parents' pressure (they bought me some watercolours afterwards).

As about smoking, of course I've tryed it. Fortunately, I didn't like it.

I don't like eating, it's a waste of time. I envy the astronauts.

Well, as you can see, you're not alone in this.

Reply no.: 7

15 Jan 2007, 12:47 AM


the image of this post reminds me of the times when I've learned C in school and all the source code began with some serious "#define bla bla bla" lines. For me, the eternal C code profane, they sound like an incantation. It seem slike there's no genuine C code without them.

Reply no.: 8

15 Jan 2007, 1:35 AM


I gaze at those somehow familiar-looking blocks of code through an annoyingly murky veil of amnesia, wondering what did they mean, what did they do.

Reply no.: 9

15 Jan 2007, 5:18 PM


the only thing i hate more than "accelerat" trains is carrying huge and/or heavy luggage in the "accelerat" trains. second class, preferably.

Reply no.: 10

15 Jan 2007, 6:19 PM


Glad to see you love trains! The best luggage — in my opinion — to carry around in those second class cars is a bunch of recycled plastic bags containing food (something with sauce or anything that can produce spillage) that some poor old granny made you deliver at the destination. Oh, and it's overbooked: your seats are taken.

Reply no.: 11

16 Jan 2007, 12:03 AM


seats have double overbooking, an old peasant who apologizes, although it is not his fault, and philosophizes a bit (wisely) about life, the universe and everything, then humbly shuts up, and a sweating low-key 'businessman' who curses (a bit too) often, until ticket control comes, when he suddenly turns friendly and makes jokes with the "controlor" about it.
i eventually manage to sit down, for a while, rotation system. the seat is broken, gliding towards the middle. leaving room for the heat to hit.
'coz the heat system is stuck. stuck on "hot" in our compartment. suffocating. not working at all two compartments ahead, freezing, with promoroaca at the window. you can't close the window completely, in either compartment. and can't open it more, assuming you would want to.

Reply no.: 12

16 Jan 2007, 10:16 AM


Haha, "rotation system" is a great touch!

To others this may be literature, to me this sounds unnervingly familiar.

Reply no.: 13

20 Nov 2009, 5:21 PM

"Five" at Kit·blog:

"You throw balls at me? I throw balls at you!" People throw tags at me and — I know! — I'm too slow to play game. There's a book I would like...

Read more in Five »

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