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13 Feb 2007, 12:37 AM

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Life Balmy days

Balmy days

We've got 16 °C in January. 18 °C in February and we're happy. It doesn't happen often that winter gets abolished. We're generously smiling at forgotten acquaintances, flexing our newly discovered organ of meteorological conversation:

—Beautiful weather, isn't it? Sunshine every single day.
—Ah, really magnificent! It's only February but feels like late April or even May.
—Indeed, I'd say we're pretty fortunate this year to have so much sunshine.

I can hardly wait for the conversations on the same topic in 5 years.

—Look how beautiful it's today!
—Yes, it's 27 °C today, which is absolutely remarkable for February. And last time it rained it was late May, wasn't it? Marvelous weather.
—Listen, I heard those white bears, you know, I forget their name, are all gone.
—Polar bears. Fuck them, who needs bears? What, you need one? I thought so.

And again in 15.

—Whew, sunny day today, ha?
—Yep, sunny indeed, but only 36 °C, damn. Yesterday it was a tad warmer, 42 °C, still very nice for February, isn't it? I wonder how's March going to be. Over 50, I hope. That's what I call a delightful weather! Especially so since it rains no more (well, except the hurricane season, that is).
—Well, it's nice and all, but I still miss Amsterdam. I cried a river when got flooded, so to speak. Cried more than when New York got flooded, anyway. Cannot get used to those new names the guys use on CNN, The Island of California and all. It's all too new to me.
—New?! If that's new to you imagine how all those palm trees on Oxford St. are to the Brits, haha!


Reply no.: 1

13 Feb 2007, 1:42 AM


Sad but true. We're enjoying the warm spring-like days in February but don't think of what will happen in 10 or 20 years.

Reply no.: 2

13 Feb 2007, 9:24 PM


FYI February is almost spring. Stop ranting about the nice warm weather. It's fine for taking walks in the park, playing tennis or whatever works for you. Polar bears are evil animals, they kill baby seals. And penguins - what kind of brute would kill penguins? California is almost an island anyway, and I reckon this is a fair chance for the people living in the foothills to get some decent tanning and surfing. Also Denisa is right - people can't think of what will happen in 10 or 20 years as Kit only gave a glimpse of what will happen in the next 5 or 15. Extreme extrapolation is required.

P.S. I hope this isn't considered trolling, even though trolls are fine imaginary creatures (granted that not as cool as night elves).

Reply no.: 3

16 Feb 2007, 12:54 PM


So you don't want a polar bear. I thought so.

But because of those fishy seals? Appearances are misleading. Seals are probably fierce predators — cold blooded killing machines camouflaged in cuddly toys — I cannot think of any other reason why the mighty lads of US Navy Seals chose to sport the same intimidating label. Are Navy Seals cute? Only in bad movies. Baby navy seals? They're probably the spine-chilling midget troops. I'm on polar bears' side here.

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