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16 May 2007, 5:01 PM

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Prizzi A Convenient Truth

Prizzi and the respectable laziness, Cristian Kit Paul, 2007

Prizzi and the respectable laziness, Cristian Kit Paul, 2007

Being a cat — besides being unquestionably cool — gives me plenty of time to think about stuff. Take this quote, for instance:

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
Sam Keen

Now, due to climate change laziness becomes respectable as from May. Isn't this wonderful? Moreover, I kinda fancy developing this into a movie called "A Convenient Truth" (The cool side of global warming).

Mr. Gore, Al, baby, you're too tense.

Entry no.: 133

13 May 2007, 12:03 PM

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Photography Bend

Bent horse, Ivan Milicin trainer, photo Cristian Kit Paul, Corbeanca, 2007

Owner Ivan Milicin practicing with one of his horses Haute Ecole training.

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12 May 2007, 1:48 PM

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Travel Car-talk-car

Girl's shadow on the projector screen, Cristian Kit Paul, Craiova, 2007

Clubul Universitarilor Craiova, Cristian Kit Paul, 2007

In the rearview mirror the sun's going down, Cristian Kit Paul, 2007

Who would've thought that being a designer involves so much talk and so much business travel?

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4 May 2007, 6:19 PM

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Personal Ten years of Connex

The greatest account in Romanian advertising

If CONNEX was still alive, it would have turned 10 years old earlier a few days ago, in april. Looking back now, I’m sure that CONNEX was the greatest account in Romanian advertising, bar none. It attracted the best people and the best agencies into a Bermuda Triangle of überpower ecstasy and free-falling nightmare, somewhere in between a tango dance floor of swift seduction and a fight club basement of bone breaking clashes.

When I say it was the greatest I say the most challenging and spectacular, the most influent and visible. Many were brought into the spotlight by this crusadeous account (people as well as agencies) and quite a few were wiped out — some tasted both. This is why the stories about it come in only two colors: exalted reality-distorted white and still-in-denial traumatic black.

As seen from outside, in its final period the account seemed to collapse eroded by confusion and drifted blindly — like a ghost-ship — until it finally disappeared.

I’m a lucky bastard: I was blessed with the privilege to be one of those who could afford getting addicted to this life-changing (for me, at least) drug twice: once briefly at the very beginning (1997) while working for BBDO, and then again during 2001–2002 period, while working for D’Arcy DMB&B.

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