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Entry no.: 185

20 Jul 2007, 11:23 AM

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Apple iPhone

Live in Bucharest

After The Rolling Stones, I got to see the iPhone live in Bucharest and it was no less amazement — "the largest commercial product launch in the history of electronics" after "the world’s greatest rock & roll band". Not a bad week.

Kit·Blog on iPhone, Cristian Kit Paul, Bucharest, July 2007

During my one-hour geeky romp (thank you Richard, you lucky dog! I envy your guts sincerely) I made some quick notes:

The indescribably good

• I thought it's larger but it's exactly the right size • I thought scrolling it's going to have a lag, it doesn't — the interface is extremely responsive • The 160 pixels-per-inch display beats the PSP and it's the most gorgeous screen I've seen • Typing takes a while to get, but it rapidly improves • Photo gallery "flicking" is as natural a GUI (graphical user interface) can get • Pinch resizing just works both in photos and web pages • The web browser (MobileSafari) is in a class of its own • I verified and it's true, the autocorrection engine knows the word “fucking” • Screen rotation is smartly integrated right into the GUI paradigm and after a while I just used it naturally, without thinking about it.

I thought I will be able to describe it, I'm not. That's how amazing it is.

• A special note deserves iPhone's camera. I'm a heavy user of phone camera and I know how noisy such a small and cheap CCD can get in less then perfect lighting. I must say I was impressed with the picture quality iPhone's camera delivers in very difficult situations like contre-jour shots in low-light conditions.

The faintly but predictably bad

• Yes, EDGE is slow • Using it for CPU-intensive tasks makes it get hot • Come on Apple, send that copy-paste feature via software update, please!

Quick conclusion

• The GUI is as polished as the Macintosh GUI and it makes a world of difference • The attention to the details is staggering (and there are lots of little gems hidden in there, for instance deleting a note employs a minimizing effect animation, graphically throwing the page into the trash can) • Manufacturing quality is at or above the "iPod industry standard" • I'd pay double triple the price for one.

The name is misleading, it's not a phone — do not compare the iPhone with any other phone(s) you have used or seen. It's the first of a new breed.


Reply no.: 1

20 Jul 2007, 5:09 PM


Funny to mention you'd pay triple because in Europe/Romania you probably will :)

Reply no.: 2

20 Jul 2007, 6:00 PM


Haha, they'll make us pay separately for the phone, the iPod and the mobile internet appliance! :) And only buying all three enables the camera, as a bonus.

Not really. I'm pretty sure that Apple will fully control the price, just like they do for Macintosh computers, iPods and every other piece of software and hardware they produce.

Reply no.: 3

20 Jul 2007, 9:37 PM

Richard Reens:

Triple!?!??? It's yours, envy, guts and all! ;) To bad they will never truly be un-lockable (at least not the US iPhones). I think it will always run home to Apple and AT&T and tattle on you and re-lock it with every sync. :( But there are plenty of very clever hackers out there, so....

Reply no.: 4

20 Jul 2007, 11:58 PM


God I had a good laugh, Richard! Brilliant. Would you accept a kidney or cash only?

Now seriously, I'm the guy who makes half the traffic on this company's website.

Reply no.: 5

22 Jul 2007, 10:45 AM


Lucky you, Kit.
What carrier do you use for connecting the IPhone? As far as I know, only Orange supports EDGE, for the moment, in Romania.

Reply no.: 6

22 Jul 2007, 2:23 PM


iPhone is currently available only for AT&T (formerly Cingular) subscribers in the USA so my friend's unit I subjectively "reviewed" here in Bucharest works in roaming at $4/minute.

I have serious doubts regarding iPhone availability in Romania because — as you may know — the activation scheme goes through Apple's iTunes Music Store. This means that iPhone could be currently deployed in Europe only in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Reply no.: 7

22 Jul 2007, 11:36 PM


so that logicaly means that no itunes store no iphone and folowing that we are as good as fucked, probably being able to fully legaly use and buy one maybe in 2009.
i think i am going to try my luck and actually get one from somebody in the us and using it just as a video ipod paranoicly watching any hacking news about it.

i mean if somebody can make it, somebody can crack it.

regarding the price i think it will be the same but in euros, which makes it greater than 50 percent more expensive (for romanians at least)

hmmm .. i hate this country

Reply no.: 8

28 Aug 2007, 1:55 PM

Alex Buga:

It seems they managed to soft-unlock it:)

Now I'm seriously considering buying myself one from US. I wish it had 3G... altough Bucharest is full of free wireless :D

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