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28 Apr 2008, 1:17 PM

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Photography Writing

Writer working at Cafe Wintergarten in Literaturhaus, Cristian -Kit- Paul, Berlin, 2008.

Writer working at Cafe Wintergarten in Literaturhaus, Berlin.

As a hopeless office inmate, I often fancy the idea of working in a public space—a nice café like Cafe Wintergarten at Literaturhaus1 in Berlin—but I never actually try doing it. I wonder whether its mild noise of dishes and chatter would inspire or rather distract.

Moreover, I just learned that my preferred café in Bucharest, Crem Cafe Royale, has been acquired by a local restaurant chain and will be murdered in order to make room for another mediocre luncheonette with greasy spoons.

While passing by it, I'll murmur —The price of progress!, and I'll keep looking the other way.

1 Right across the street from the Leica Store—even looking through its window inflicts serious damages to a bank account.


Reply no.: 1

15 Dec 2008, 8:18 PM


Uitandu-ma peste pozele tale, m-a apucat o neliniste, acel soi viclean care (de exemplu) te determina sa-ti vinzi toate gadgeturile digitale acumulate in timp, ca apoi sa le inlocuiesti cu bijuterii mecanice. Catifelate fotografiile :) Mai vrem.

Reply no.: 2

15 Dec 2008, 8:45 PM


Many more on Flickr—the ones tagged Leica M7.

I imagine film photography being like love, while digital photography is just sex, I'm afraid. It might be good sex, and lots of it—but still, you see—no love.

Reply no.: 3

15 Dec 2008, 9:27 PM


Still, there are many relationships based on sex, but turning into durable and affectionate love affairs. Some prefer the softness of film, others go for the digital response. And there is the third category: the kind of people asking for the scientific explanation of love. :)
p.s. lovely flickr portofolio
p.s.2 I guess that mind reading machine will just replace cameras, extracting the pic before you take it.

Reply no.: 4

16 Dec 2008, 9:59 AM


That's going to replace everything. If real, it might be the most important invention of all time.

It will probably replace the old man writing a wonderful novel with a pen on paper, too. One more species to vanish.

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