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30 Sep 2008, 10:39 AM

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Personal Sixth

Antiques, Cristian -Kit- Paul, Berlin, 2008.

Toys at the flea market, Cristian -Kit- Paul, Berlin, 2008.

This anal-retentive bazar of a personal web site, entered yesterday its 6th year of (virtual? virtual?—does anybody still use that word?) existence. I have no clue how come it didn't die since September 2003, although I'm lucid enough to question its purpose and value once in a while.

In time, I found there's no ultimate purpose nor absolute value. I feed in things that I like (be that notes, photos or links) and they may prove dear to some, interesting to others and rubbish to the rest of you.

And I think I kinda figured my job here: just keep bringing those things in.

Five years. And now the sixth. That's a fucking long journey actually, isn't it? Thank you for coming along.

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21 Sep 2008, 8:13 PM

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Apple iPhone: the first month

Back in July 2007 I reviewed here one of the first iPhone units (of its first incarnation) coming to Romania.

In July 2008, the iPhone 3G successfully launched in 21 countries around the world. On the 22nd of August 2008, at zero o'clock, it was launched in 20 additional countries1, including mine.

iPhone 3G launch in Romania: 22nd of August, 0 AM. Picture: Monica Popescu, Orange.

iPhone 3G launch in Romania: 22nd of August, 0 AM (picture: Monica Popescu, Orange).

I bought it the first day. Here is a subjective account of its pros and cons noticed during the month I've been using it.

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