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Personal № 1k

This is the 1000th blog post here at Kit·blog

To be more precise, the 1,000th at — and 1535th from its inception, counting the posts in the previous installment as well, but 1535, that's not a beautiful, round number so let's ignore that.

Although, between you and me, in the year 1535 the Galapagos Islands are discovered, Lima is founded in Peru and the first complete English-language Bible is printed — that's a pretty good year — so 1535 might not be not such a bad number after all.

Back from Galapagos. As you might have seen, I've changed focus: nowadays I post images more than words. Mostly black and white photographs shot on film, with one camera and one lens. It's about learning about photography and enjoying it, slow-food style. The silent way, as Miles said. Better than words, let me show you:

In a silent way, Cristian -Kit- Paul, Bucharest, 2009.

Office, Bucharest. Click here or on the image to enlarge.

See? A ray of light is sometimes more eloquent than a pile of words. Told you!

Speaking of words, they're too many already — fact is, this 1k entitles me to say it: thanks for reading this. Really. Thank you.