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27 Mar 2010, 1:49 PM

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Personal 4 x "Thank you"

What a week! I lost 2 kilos and my voice, but now that I survived, I'll draw the line and give thanks where it is most certainly due.

For Brandient 101 Book: first and foremost I have to thank Aneta for picking me when back in 2002 the whole advertising elite was at her feet, Mihai for managing the project, the second to none Brandient team and my truly exceptional clients for making it all possible. Also, Peggy Production for bearing with our frequent changes and impossible demands.

For Brandient 101 Exhibition: I'll thank my unrelenting team—mainly Lacrima, Ciprian and Iancu—and Carturesti for kindly having us there. The private opening was more like a business summit and I was blown away to find out that some guests had to book a helicopter to reach Bucharest in time to attend it—big, big thank you.

For Brandient 101 Minutes seminar: thank you, all of you, for showing up and listening—now that the ice is broken we should do this more often;

For RoBLogFest award: Thank you Dragos Novac—do you remember the days Petroniu's RBA and IRBNLA were the alpha and omega of it all?—and RoBLogFest 2010 jury. Also, congrats to Iancu for his award—I would've voted for his blog. I'm truly sorry I could not attend the ceremony.

Update: Regarding №4—additional thanks to for sponsoring the RoBlogfest section.


Reply no.: 1

28 Mar 2010, 4:50 AM


First, it's been a great joy and satisfaction to be part of the Brandient 101 events. I'm sure very few Romanian creatives have so much to be proud of as we do. Thank you very much.

Second, congrats for the award — too bad I couldn't have my new website & blog online in time (well, I can't complain, we've had more important things to do, right?), it would've given you a better run for the money :)

Reply no.: 2

28 Mar 2010, 1:58 PM

nu inteleg:

Nu inteleg cum de ai castigat tocmai tu la roblogfest 2010, designul blogului nu zic ca e foarte urat, zic doar ca e foarte simplist, nu are nimic special, de content nu mai zic ca nu e cine stie ce munca sa il faci, mai o poza, mai doua randuri in engleza. Sper ca la anul sa nu se mai dea locul 1 la categoria jurizata web design/creatie... pe pile ;)

Reply no.: 3

28 Mar 2010, 2:31 PM


Anonymous commentator, I respect your opinion—this blog cannot satisfy all tastes and I doubt that any blog can.

However I must note that you are in serious error: the category is not about "web design". You misunderstood. It is about design/designers and creatives.

Secondly, I did not submit this web site to RoBlogFest competition, and I don't know who did—so your hint about a conspiracy is pointless. I was amused to see that I won something.

Thirdly, it is English because only less than 15% of the readers are Romanians.

Sorry to disappoint you—life is simpler than you think.

Reply no.: 4

28 Mar 2010, 6:09 PM

Razvan Pascu:

Felicitari Kit pentru premiu. M-am intors din Hong Kong si te-am gasit castigator. :) Meritai premiul!

Reply no.: 5

28 Mar 2010, 9:35 PM


Thank you, Razvan. Kudos for blogging your Asian tour!

Reply no.: 6

31 Mar 2010, 12:33 AM


For your prize and the simple things! Congratulations!

Reply no.: 7

31 Mar 2010, 2:43 PM

nu inteleg:

hai zi sa mori tu, pe bune? daca nu pentru web design nu e categoria, atunci pentru ce e? tu nu creezi aici nimic special, pui 2-3 poze de nu stiu unde cu 2 propozitii. NU te incadrezi nici macar in categorie ..dar ce stiu eu, voi va cunoasteti intre voi acolo, stie novac pentru ce e categoria, nu eu... mi se pare normal.

Reply no.: 8

31 Mar 2010, 3:13 PM


Thank you, Mr. Spo. Always glad to hear from you.

Anonymous commentator, you're still in serious error: all pictures on this blog are my own. Now please take your temper tantrums elsewhere.

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