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26 Nov 2012, 10:16 AM

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Design Work with a Google alumnus, save your piece of the world

A couple of years ago I was asked which Romanian on-line project has the potential to impact the society long term.

I picked Vivi's (Octavian Costache—with Google at the time) Map of Romanian Politics. I still stand for my choice today—in a society kept misinformed and confused by a lack of independent press, a repository of straight forward, fact-based political data is critical, now maybe more than ever.

In order to gain serious traction, Vivi turned the project into an Open Source one. Now every web developer recognizing the need for objective political information can join in and contribute.

Elections are coming and the volume of data The Map of Romanian Politics accretes grows every day. Consequently, the need to make this data public in a clearly structured, well-designed manner grows as well.

A design warrior able to tackle this job pro bono is needed. See Vivi's call to find out more.

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13 Nov 2012, 10:13 AM

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Photography “Only a magic goldfish that grants no wishes,” she thought, “might live forever”

“Only the magic goldfish that grants no wishes,” she thought, “might live forever”, © Cristian Kit Paul, Berlin, 2012.

Berlin. © Cristian ·Kit· Paul. Click here or on the image to enlarge.

The estrangement, the strong dark shadows and the surreal 23-letter sign—where is De Chirico when you need him? After jumpstarting the "illusionist" surrealism for Dali, Ernst, Tanguy and Magritte with his oneiric pittura metafisica, De Chirico suddenly went batshit crazy at 30, pretending he's a Titian-league classicist. He was very far from it, but believed he got better as he got older.

Aren't we all?

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4 Nov 2012, 11:48 AM

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Apple Tecnoware iUPS and UPS Pro OS X incompatibility

The “UPS for Mac” is not exactly for Mac

Needing a few UPS units at the office, and spooked by the ugly black boxes offered by most vendors, I was happy to find a cleanly designed “UPS for Mac” from Tecnoware. Naively, I didn't even hunt for reviews (by the way, how come Google does such a poor job discerning real reviews from link farms and splogs?). Big mistake.

Tecnoware fraudulent advertising claim: "Finally, the UPS completely dedicated to iMac/MacPro."

Sold by Tecnoware under the fraudulent advertising claim “Finally, the UPS completely dedicated to iMac/MacPro,” the iUPS 900VA and UPS PRO 1500VA are not compatible with OS X. Although they can be plugged in via USB, the operating system won't recognize them as a UPS by the native OS X's Battery, Power Adapter, and UPS management capabilities in Energy Saver control panel.

Sold by under the fraudulent headline “Finally, the UPS completely dedicated to iMac/MacPro,” iUPS 900VA and UPS PRO 1500VA are *not compatible* with OS X.

Tecnoware iUPS 900VA (in the image) and UPS PRO 1500VA are not compatible with OS X.

Moreover, ViewPower, the bundled software—substituting OS X native UPS management—is a horrendous piece of crapware that asks you to manually install a kext file and won't even launch under Mountain Lion.

My advice: don't buy Tecnoware if you're using Macs. Don't use even if offered for free.

Update: While we are at this, here's a hint on how to Restart OS X After UPS Shutdown.