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15 Dec 2006, 2:03 AM


Short official bio for press people and those in a hurry

Cristian Kit Paul, graphic designer and founding partner of Brandient - Brandient.com, Kitblog.com - Photo by Cosmin Gogu.

CRISTIAN KIT PAUL is a Founding Partner and Creative Director of Brandient. Before setting up the brand consultancy with his partners in 2002, he worked for 10 years as art director and creative director with the advertising agencies Graffiti/BBDO, Tempo Advertising and D’Arcy and also as a freelance graphic designer in Bucharest and Singapore. Some of his advertising campaigns won national and international nominations and prizes.

Over the past years he grew as one the most important brand designers in Central and Eastern Europe, with international design prizes at Rebrand100 (US), Identity Best of the Best (Moscow), EULDA (European Logo Design Association) and Pentwards, as well as being featured in books and publications like LogoLounge, LOGO and Design USA. Most recently, in April 2009 he got the highest recognition at ReBrand100, as a Best of Awards winner for his identity rebranding of Dedeman, a Romanian DIY retail chain. In another recognition of his stature, he was invited to jury international design competitions like LogoLounge (US) and Identity: Best of the Best (Moscow).

Kit is leading the creative team and ensures the Creative Direction for all strategic projects at Brandient. His experience is built on the hundreds of brand projects designed and creatively supervised, from household names like Fulga and Zuzu to large retail chains Flanco and Domo to state companies like Radiocom (Societatea Națională de Radiocomunicații). He also was the Creative Director for the high profile job of rebranding CEC Bank, the oldest Romanian bank.

He is permanently concerned about the role of design in communities and the social responsibility of the designer.

The long version now — first, about this website

What on Earth is this website?

I'm blogging since 2003 and this is my weblog—a blog, that is. Kit·blog has more than one face: is a personal web site, a design blog, a photoblog, a blog about Romania, a Macintosh blog, and so on.

Actually, Kit·blog is more than you'll find here at kitblog.com—the first Kit·blog is located on an Apple iDisk along with its 500+ posts (although its almost 2000 comments are gone now).

Secondly, about myself

And you are...?

I am Cristian KIT Paul. While everybody calls me KIT1, the name in my passport is Cristian Paul: the other day somebody sent me a package addressed to "Kit Paul" — the lady at the Post Office would have rather gave her life than my damn package.

Cristian Kit Paul, graphic designer and founding partner of Brandient - Brandient.com, Kitblog.com - Photo by Cosmin Gogu.

I was born in Baia Mare (that's the northern Transylvania) in 1971. This generally means I'm too young to be a great identity designer, but hey, nobody is perfect.

I live in Bucharest since 1996, although during 2000 I lived for a while in Singapore. Before Bucharest I spent six years in Cluj-Napoca while studying computers at Polytechnics and design at the Academy of Visual Arts — until I dropped out of both in order to incorporate the first design studio I was part of. See more about my work experience below.


I've been a designer, an art director, a senior art director, then a group creative director and now a creative director and partner, but that's for show-off — in fact, I'm happy to be a designer once again. And I intend to keep it that way.

  • 2002 — Founded Brandient, the brand & design consultancy;
  • 2001 — Returned from Singapore and dived head first again: Group Creative Director, D'Arcy DMB&B;
  • 2000 — Took a "sabbatical" year off from advertising and worked graphic design and motion graphics as a freelance designer in Bucharest and Singapore;
  • 1998 — Senior Art Director, Tempo Advertising;
  • 1996 — Art Director, Graffiti/BBDO;
  • 1995 — Founded Draft Design Studio in Cluj-Napoca;
  • 1992 — Rookie graphic designer working freelance.

Cookie jar

I was lucky enough to get my share of awards early in my career, so I could concentrate on problem-solving work ever since. And it felt great when my serious work got awarded.

  • 2010 — International jury member at Hiiibrand, China;
  • 2010 — Bronze Pentaward in the Beverages (RTD) category, Shanghai, China;
  • 2009 — Best Of Award and Merit Award at ReBrand 100 in Rhode Island, USA;
  • 2007 — Bronze Pentaward in the Beverages (RTD) category;
  • 2007 — Distinction Award at ReBrand 100 in Rhode Island, USA;
  • 2007 — Held design and branding lectures in Moscow, Russia;
  • 2007 — International jury member at Identity: Best of the Best 2007, Moscow, Russia;
  • 2006 — Selected works at EULDA (European Logo Design Annual) 2006 edition;
  • 2006 — Awarded Second Prize twice and nominated many times at Identity: Best of the Best 2006 in Moscow, Russia;
  • 2006 — GD USA (Graphic Design USA) features in its April 2006 issue Radiocom logo in order to illustrate the latest logo design trends report written by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge;
  • 2005 — Merit Award at ReBrand 100 in Rhode Island, USA;
  • 2005 — International jury member at LogoLounge, 3rd edition;
  • 2004 — Jury member at Internetics, the Romanian new media contest;
  • 2003 — Most Beautiful Book prize awarded by the Romanian Publishers Association for Transit photography book by Cosmin Bumbut;
  • 2002 — Jury member at Internetics, the Romanian new media contest;
  • 2002 — Best TV Campaign award at Ad’Or Festival;
  • 2002 — Best Print award at Ad’Or Festival;
  • 2002 — Finalist at 3GSM World Congress advertising festival in Cannes;
  • 2002 — Finalist at New York Festival;
  • 2001 — Jury member at Internetics, the Romanian new media contest;
  • 2001 — Nomination for The Best Campaign of the Year at Golden Drum Advertising Festival in Slovenia;
  • 1999 — Best Print Ad Photo at AD Print Festival;
  • 1997 — First Prize in Best Poster category at MediaFest.

I am equally happy with the prizes I've got together with my colleagues as a creative director, but I think that stuff is for their list of awards, not mine.

Other things


I switched from PC to Mac in 1996 (Macs are PCs, too, if we're pedantic—so I should say that I switched from Windows boxes to Macs) and slowly-slowly the elegance of the platform grew on me—I unsuspectingly turned into a half-zealot preaching Steve Jobs' scripture to the masses.

I soften up lately, though, but I still feel that Apple's affinity for world-class design offers me an inspiring working environment. I still applaud, laugh and yell like crazy while watching Jobs' keynotes and I follow rumors and analysis sites.


I recently switched from digital back to film photography—my friends Cosmin Bumbuț and Bogdan Dumitrache both played a role in this decision. I currently use a Leica M7 rangefinder camera with a Noctilux-M 50 mm f/1 manual-focus lens.

You can see my pictures on Flickr.

1 Wikipedia's defines KIT as "A name, either in its own right or as a nickname for the English names Christopher, Katherine, and Kittrick." More on the subject in a past entry on the blog.