Kit⚑Blog reboot

Here we go again — I just deleted my old blog (2006–2015), all the posts, all the articles, all the marginalia cruft.

Starting again clean is a bit disorienting at first yet it starts feeling invigorating and full of promise after just a few hours from hitting Delete.

I have no idea where to go from here, no roadmap and the only impulse is to take it a whole lot less seriously than before:

  • Play with themes whenever I feel like it and try new things;
  • Post not only in English but in Romanian as well;
  • No Google Analytics, because I don’t care about traffic volume;
  • No Facebook Like tracking buttons out of respect for my readers.

I’m tempted to keep the comments closed, but it might be just a phase until I find a direction. You can always reach me on Twitter, where I’m pretty active.

Welcome to the new Kit⚑Blog and thank you for the visit — I hope you’ll come back some sunny day — or subscribe (see the form at the top of the right hand side-column) to make sure you get the articles via email.