Good things often come in the shape of a serendipitous encounter: by blind chance (blind chance on my side, that is, because destiny’s strings were gently being pulled from far, far away, across many high mountains and many deep seas, by the loving hands of a dear friend) I spent a lovely evening with LP, chatting and laughing while poking fun at the grumpy bartender unable to process her playful orders or fix a dirty martini.

LP & Cristian Kit Paul, Bucharest, June 2019.
Bucharest, June 2019.

We shared fond memories about our common friend, pictures of our dogs and she had this lovely idea to record a cute video message for a colleague of mine (ask Ciprian) — until late in the night, when she hopped on her tour bus and was gone.

On stage she’s a force of nature charged with blinding intensity. Off stage she’s a sweet and delicate human being, blessed with irresistible charm and absolutely disarming kindness.

Thank you, LP. Thank you, Richard. Thank you, Talayeh.

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  1. […] No more TVCs to shoot in this new business though; Richard is a friend now. He takes me to horse riding sessions; we meet in Berlin to watch Obama pitching his presidency and vision to Europe — time flies — Richard shoots Brandient’s heartwarming 15 year anniversary video. We crack jokes weekly over iMessage; he casually introduces me to his friend LP. […]

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